Best Doks Shortlist FFF Förderpreis


Deutschland 2019 – Director: Friederike Güssefeld – Original with English subtitles

The future does not really look bright for three German adolescents who are classed as “incapable of being integrated.” As part of an educational project they are sent away to Romania, made to do physical work and confront their past and future.

We present the German premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.




Writer: Friederike Güssefeld. Camera: Adrian Campean, Julian Krubasik. Sound: Wolf-Maximilian Liebich, Benedikt Hoenes. Editing: Miriam Märk, Sven Heussner. Production: Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion. Producer: Florian Brüning, Thomas Herberth, Alireza Golafshan. Length: 80 min.

  • Sunday
  • 18:00
  • HFF - Kino 2