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The films in the DOK.panorama section portray the diversity of current documentary story-telling. 22 out 31 are premiers. Discoveries that have not been seen on German screens.


Großbritannien, Kanada, Brasilien 2017 – Director: Bart Simpson – Original language: Portuguese – Subtitles: English

“It’s going to be chaos.” Oscar Niemeyer, the legendary creator of Brasilia, passes judgement on the current state of Brazil’s capital. The solidly crafted film about what was once an utopian concrete city is thrilling.

Writer: Nancy Marcotte, Bart Simpson. Camera: Alex Margineanu. Sound: William Cory, Pete Smith. Editing: Colin Monie. Music: Step Carruthers, Alexandre Klinke. Production: Aconite Productions. Producer: Aimara Reques. Length: 88 min. International Sales: FeelSales. Distribution: as above

  • Sunday
  • 20:00
  • Carl-Amery-Saal, Gasteig