Student Award

Block 2: Suchen

“Human beings are human insofar as they bear witness to the inhuman.” This sentence by Giorgio Agamben indicates how the films in the programme of the Student Award are meant to be watched. The films portray bitter stories and moreover prove the feather light line, the personal and the peculiar side of life in the world that we live in.


Deutschland 2018 – Director: Julia Fuhr Mann – Original language: English, German – Subtitles: English

An unknown world, inhabited by fat womens’ bodies, presented both in stereotypical poses and deconstructed ones. RIOT NOT DIET shows a new way of representing the female form. A body that expands, dissolves and blows away in the wind resisting any form of conformist corporeal pursuits.

Writer: Julia Fuhr Mann, Anna Christ. Camera: Julia Swoboda. Sound: Cornelia Böhm. Editing: Andi Pek. Music: Zdrada Palki. Production: WildBird Film. Producer: Andreas Günther. Length: 17 min.


Deutschland 2017 – Director: Viki Alexander – Original language: Russian, English, German – Subtitles: English, German

A young woman is searching. She wanders through film images that could equally be dream or reality. She is looking for her brother who she thinks she doesn’t know. Or, in the end, is she searching for herself, for her creature, her creation, her being?

Writer: Viki Alexander. Camera: Dino Osmanovic. Sound: Florian Seufert, Annika Sehn, Marina Hufnagel. Editing: Frank Müller. Music: Samuel Penderbayne. Production: pronoia, HFF München. Producer: Viktor Schimpf, Heiner Stadler. Length: 60 min.

  • Wednesday
  • 21:30
  • City 3