The films in the DOK.panorama section portray the diversity of current documentary story-telling. 22 out of 31 are premiers. Discoveries that have not been seen on German screens.


Chile 2017 – Director: Paula Rodriguez Sickert – Original language: Spanish, English – Subtitles: Spanish, English

Art as an act of resistance. Art as a last bastion of freedom in a society that has become immune to images. This is the first film ever made about the work and art of the Chilean Alfredo Jaar, one of the most important contemporary artists.


English/Original Title: JAAR EL LAMENTO DE LAS IMÁGENES. Writer: Paula Rodríguez. Camera: John Marquez, Enrique Stind. Sound: Boris Herrera, Shinya Kitamura. Editing: Titi Viera Gallo. Music: Nicolás Jaar, Nascuy Linares. Production: Errante Producciones. Producer: Paola Castillo. Length: 78 min. International Sales: 3 BOX MEDIA. Distribution: 3 BOX MEDIA.

  • Sunday
  • 12:00
  • HFF - Kino 2