The films in the DOK.panorama section portray the diversity of current documentary story-telling. 22 out of 31 are premiers. Discoveries that have not been seen on German screens.


Deutschland 2017 – Director: Michael Weber, Christian Ebert – Original language: German

27000 miles across the oceans – a race around the world. A crew defeated right from the start, living at close quarters for months on end amid storms and lulls. An impressive reconstruction of a great adventure using old Super-8 footage.

Writer: Michael Weber. Camera: Crew der Weltumsegelung (Super-8). Sound: Katja Teubner, AudioSuite Köln. Editing: Christian Ebert. Music: Dirk Raulf. Production: Black Trash Productions. Producer: Michael Weber. Length: 63 min.

  • Sunday
  • 14:30
  • HFF - Kino 2