Münchner Premieren

Munich is the hometown of the film makers whose works are collected in the Munich premiers. Much that is happening around us is not perceived or only partly seen. The Munich premiers take that into focus.


Deutschland 2017 – Director: Alexandra Wesolowski – Original language: Polish – Subtitles: English, German

“I don't want Europe to remain a community of values: it should be a monetary union again,” declares a relative in Wesolowski’s intimate family portrait that offers deep insights into Polish society and deals with Europe’s shift to the right.

English/Original Title: IMPREZA – THE CELEBRATION. Writer: Alexandra Wesolowski. Camera: Denis D. Lüthi. Sound: Emilia Sniegoska. Editing: Martha Ewa Wojakowska. Music: René Dohmen (Dürbeck&Dohmen). Production: Dreifilm GbR. Producer: Julian Anselmino. Length: 75 min. International Sales: Filmotor

  • Saturday
  • 16:30
  • Neues Maxim