Retrospective Helga Reidemeister

In her films Helga Reidemeister contrasts the inflation of what is factual with the reality of experience: her precise and unerring view of the apparently insignificant reveals the crux of human relationships. The Retrospective presents six films from four decades of her work.


Deutschland 1983 – Director: Helga Reidemeister – Original language: German

From behind the camera comes the voice of the director: “But doesn’t it hurt?” In front of it, her sister with her eye steadfastly on the wax strip: “yes, but the payoff is so delightful that the pain is worth it.” Let’s not kid ourselves.

Writer: Karlheinz Gschwind, Holger Petersen, Klaus Volkenborn, Helga Reidemeister. Camera: Johannes Flütsch, Karlheinz Gschwind. Sound: Jochen Hergersberg. Editing: Elisabeth Förster. Music: Andi Brauer. Production: Journal-Film Klaus Volkenborn KG (Berlin). Producer: Klaus Volkenborn. Length: 106 min. Distribution: Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin.

  • Friday
  • 19:00
  • Filmmuseum