In her films Helga Reidemeister contrasts the inflation of what is factual with the reality of experience: her precise and unerring view of the apparently insignificant reveals the crux of human relationships. The Retrospective presents six films from four decades of her work.


Deutschland 1979 – Director: Helga Reidemeister – Original language: German

Irene Rakowitz gets divorced after 20 years of marriage and takes her life into her own hands. She is faced with a lack of understanding from her husband Richard and with fierce resistance from her 14-year-old daughter Astrid. A hugely important film on the topic of emancipation – not only in 1979.

Writer: Irene Rakowitz, Helga Reidemeister. Camera: Axel Brandt, Susanne Beyeler, Thomas Tanner. Sound: Katharina Geinitz. Editing: Elisabeth Förster. Music: Neil Diamond, Mikis Theodorakis, Fantišek Smetana (Die Moldau). Production: Literarisches Colloquium Berlin e.V., dffb berlin. Producer: .. Length: 120 min. Distribution: Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin.

  • Thursday
  • 19:00
  • Filmmuseum