The series BEST OF FESTS assembles films, that have already been shown at big festivals, that have been awarded with important prizes or have been nominated for an oscar. Eleven out of 23 films are shown in Germany for the first time.


Deutschland 2017 – Director: Melanie Andernach, Andreas Köhler – including film talk with Melanie Andernach

Scattered across the globe as a result of the Somali Civil War, the Shaash family has to make an important decision: where should Imra (88) live? At the same time the four generations of the transnational refugee family are each following their own dreams of family, home and the future.

Writer: Melanie Andernach, Andreas Köhler. Camera: Andreas Köhler. Sound: Melanie Andernach. Editing: Nicole Kortlüke, Carina Mergens. Music: Stefan Will. Production: MADE IN GERMANY FIlmproduktion. Producer: Melanie Andernach. Length: 92 min. International Sales: Rushlake Media.

  • Friday
  • 16:30
  • Neues Maxim