Seven different films put women in the centre and question role models as well as the balance of power.


Niederlande, Brasilien, Deutschland 2018 – Director: Maria Augusta Ramos – Original language: Portuguese – Subtitles: English

In 2016 a political thriller unfolds in the capital city of Brasília. The president Dilma Rousseff is on trial and faces removal from her office. The political elite and the general population are deeply divided and are fighting on both sides for their beloved Brasil.

English/Original Title: THE TRIAL. Writer: Maria Augusta Ramos. Camera: Alan Schvarsberg. Sound: Marta Lopes. Editing: Karen Akerman. Production: Nofoco Filmes Produções Cinematográficas Ltda. Producer: Maria Augusta Ramos. Length: 139 min. International Sales: Nofoco Filmes Produções Cinematográficas Ltda

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  • 14:00
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