The film makers whose works have been collected in DOK.horizonte talk about countries undergoing transitions, about politics and about personal fates. They have not rarely been confronted with difficult production conditions and besides took financial and other risks. For us, their audience.


France 2017 – Director: Gras Emmanuel – Original language: Congolese – Subtitles: English

Somewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A young man chops down a tree and makes charcoal, which he then transports on his bike day after day to sell in the nearest town. A minimalistic observation masterfully captured by Emmanuel Gras’ camera.

Writer: Emmanuel Gras. Camera: Emmanuel Gras. Sound: Manuel Vidal. Editing: Karen Benainous. Music: Gaspar Claus. Production: Bathysphere. Producer: Nicolas Anthomé. Length: 96 min. International Sales: Les Films du Losange. Distribution: /

  • Saturday
  • 18:00
  • Rio 2