BEST DOKS Award Winner DOK.deutsch

The DOK.deutsch competition presents filmst hat deal with people and events in the German-speaking region. In thirteen in-depth narratives we are exposed to extraordinary experiences and gain valuable insights.


Österreich 2017 – Director: Susanne Freund – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

“I want to get some distance. I don’t have any friends. I don’t believe in love!” After 40 years in prison Adolf Schandl wants just one thing: To go to Australia. To achieve this he must first break away from himself in Susanne Freund’s superb portrait film.

Writer: Susanne Freund. Camera: Jerzy Palacz. Sound: Eckehard Braun, Joe Knauer. Editing: Michou Hutter. Production: kurt mayer film. Producer: Kurt Mayer. Length: 92 min.

  • Sunday
  • 14:00
  • Rio 2