Regarding form and content the main competition is as diverse as life itself: classic story-telling stands in contrast to the associative essay and the personal voyage counterparts the unsettling research. An Irish farmer fights against Intel, capitalistic growth fantasies are being questioned and an obsessive search for the godfather of Bossa Nova leads to Brazil. Will we encounter him? Slices of life, insights and perspectives: 13 films open doors to new worlds.


Frankreich, Schweiz, Deutschland 2018 – Director: Georges Gachot – Original language: English, French, German, Portuguese – Subtitles: English

“He is meant to have hated people so much that he could not stand them. He is meant to have loved them so much that he could not stand them.” That is what they said about Joao Gilberto, the elusive creator of Bossa Nova. Georges Gachot takes us on an entertaining, investigative trip to Rio to find out more.

The film will be screened with English subtitles.




English/Original Title: WHERE ARE YOU, JOAO GILBERTO?. Writer: Georges Gachot, Paolo Poloni. Camera: Stéphane Kuthy. Sound: Balthasar Jucker. Editing: Julie Pelat. Music: Joao Donato, Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Roberto Menescal.... Production: Gahot Films, Neos Film, Idéale Audience. Producer: Georges Gachot, Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Christoph Menardi, Andreas Atzwanger. Length: 107 min. International Sales: Doc & Films. Distribution: Farb Film.

  • Saturday
  • 16:00
  • Carl-Amery-Saal, Gasteig