Spanien 2016 – Director: Omar A. Razzak – English subtitles

A fishing boat leaves the Italian island fortress and sails to the open sea. Suddenly a storm arises. Faces are filled with fear. Then, all at once, complete calm. The storm has subsided. Poetic and idiosyncratic – pure film art!



English/Original Title: THE CALM TEPMEST. Writer: Omar A. Razzak. Camera: Omar A. Razzak. Sound: Emilo García Rivas, Sergio González. Editing: Omar A. Razzak. Music: Eneko Vadillo, Emilio García Rivas. Production: Tourmalet Films. Producer: Mayi Gutierrez Cobo, Kistiñe Cárcamo, Ciro Colonna. Length: 73 min.

  • Wednesday
  • 17:00
  • City 3