Filmschool Festival – DFFB Berlin


Deutschland 2014 – Director: Steffen Köhn – English subtitles

Berlin is connected to Istanbul, Moscow and South America. The world has become smaller because technology can bring us close to each other. Around the world relatives and friends are scattered. A couple resolve the distance between them with Skype. You can even sleep together – a webcam makes it possible.

Camera: Axel Hartfiel, Maina Gridina, Patricia Rendon. Sound: Axel Hartfiel, Maina Gridina, Patricia Rendon. Editing: Leonardo Franke. Production: Henrika Kull / DFFB. Producer: Henrika Kull. Length: 17 min.


Israel, Deutschland 2014 – Director: Yael Lotem – English subtitles

Writer: Yael Lotem. Camera: Nicola Hens. Sound: Gilad Leshem. Editing: Maya Klar. Production: Tel Aviv University Film Department. Producer: Yael Lotem. Length: 29 min.


Deutschland 2015 – Director: Youdid Kahveci – English subtitles

In a poor area of Medellín, Columbia, 12 year-old Kevin sells poems and reads them aloud. He doesn’t feel comfortable at home and that is why he often escapes to visit a friend, Amelia, an old woman who wears a cap and lives in a small house on the hillside. There she talks about her life, her family and her dreams. He reads her her letters. But life is not always so simple: Amelia has money troubles.

English/Original Title: POEM OF THE DAY. Writer: Youdid Kahveci. Camera: Carlos López. Sound: Frank Behnke. Editing: Youdid Kahveci. Music: Duo Lumen. Production: dffb. Producer: Youdid Kahveci. Length: 30 min.

  • Sunday
  • 18:00
  • HFF - Kino 1