Sonja Kilbertus

Producer (Evolution Film UG)

The Austrian Sonja Kilbertus produces documentary features for the Bavarian company Evolution Film and the Swiss production house Mira Film. She focusses on films on social and geopolitical issues with an artistic handwriting and especially enjoys to work on stories with strong female characters and directors. Work in progress: THOSE BLUE SKIES by Adrian Kelterborn for Mira Film GmbH, Zürich OSTROV-THE ISLAND by Laurent Stoop for DokLab GmbH, Bern URBAN GENESIS by Dodo Hunziker for DokLab AWALATJE–THE MIDWIVES von Sarah Noa Bozenhardt für Evolution Film, Munich Recent work – in distribution: 2020 XANA´S DREAM OF THE SEA by Alexandra Kaufmann for Evolution Film 2019 BODY OF TRUTH by Evelyn Schels, coproducer for DokLab 2019 LAS HERMANAS DE ROCINANTE by Alexandra Kaufmann for Evolution Film

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