Dana Höfinger

Acquisition Manager (Global Screen)

Dana Höfinger holds diplomas in law and film production. She also participated in the Atélier/ Masterclass Ludwigsburg/ Paris that focuses on international production, distribution and world sales.

After various professional experiences in film law and film production, she started in 2008 as Acquisition Manager for the TV world sales department of Bavaria Media and joined in 2012 the acquisitions department of Global Screen founded as a joint venture of Bavaria Media and Telepool for international sales and since 2017 a 100% daughter company of Telepool.

Global Screen GmbH, based in Munich, was founded as a joint venture of the world sales units of Bavaria Media GmbH and Telepool GmbH and is a European leader for sales & distribution of TV and theatrical programming outside of German-speaking territories. Since 2017 Global Screen is a 100% daughter company of Telepool.

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