Members of the International Juries


Natalie Gräfin Lambsdorff

Born in 1976 in Munich, Natalie Gräfin Lambsdorff studied film production and media sciences at the MunichAcademy for Television and Film (HFF) and graduated in 2001 as a film producer. Between 2002 and 2008 she was Head of Production in the Documentary Department of the HFF. Amongst others she was responsible for productions like The Story of the Weeping Camel, Winterkinder, Der rote Teppich and Hotel Very Welcome. Alongside this she worked as a freelance writer and was co-author of the script for House of Wishes (2006). Since February 2008 she has been Commissioning Editor at the Bavarian Broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, responsible for the productions of young talent.

André Pâquet

Born in Quebec, André Pâquet studied history of art and literature. He has created, directed and organised numerous international film institutions, retrospectives and sections worldwide (amongst others in Europe and Latin America). Between 1999 and 2004 he was Programme Consultant for the Latin America Section of the World Film Festival in Montreal. He is now Head of Programming for the international documentary film festival RIDM in Montreal. He has been a Jury Member for numerous international festivals and has published many articles in various international film magazines and books.

Ricardo Restrepo

Born in Colombia 1962, Ricardo Restrepo holds a Masters degree in Cinematography. He studied abroad with several distinguished grants: in the US (Fulbright Grant), in France (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fellowship in Documentary) and in Canada (Ibermedia Grant). He is currently Chairman of the Colombian Documentary Association, Director of the International Documentary Encounters of Colombia and a member of the Colombian Film Commission. He also works as a freelance director, producer and director of photography.

Ilana Tsur

Ilana Tsur studied English Literature and Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and continued with postgraduate studies in the field of communication, radio and television in Boston. Returning to Israel she began her radio career by making numerous documentary programmes and hosting a daily talk show on current affairs. In 1990 she started working in TV, hosting a programme on culture. As an independent filmmaker, she has directed documentary films about historical and social issues (The Last Transfer, Israelle). In 1999 she initiated Docaviv, the Israeli Documentary Film Festival, of which she is the director.

Helena Zajícová

Born in 1979 in Prague, Helena Zajícová studied Russian and Eastern European Studies at the CharlesUniversity. In 2001 she started working for the Prague-based One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and is currently acting as the Programme Director of the festival. In addition to festival programming, she has served as a consultant for organisations from Central and Eastern Europe as well as from the Caucasus region and Central Asia, to help them organise screenings of socially engaged documentaries.



Michael Augustin

Born in 1977 Michael Augustin is a lawyer and musician. He is Managing Director of Raumwandler e.V., an open association of international film, music and performance artists who have set their sights on organising innovative non-commercial events including film screenings at chosen venues throughout Europe. Since 2006 he has been a lawyer, working with Dr. Prugger, legal advisor of the Bundesverband Regie, a professional association for German filmmakers. He has composed several film scores, including the one for Detlef Bothe's feature Mein.

Rieke C. Harmsen

Born in 1967 Rieke C. Harmsen grew up in the US, Switzerland and Germany. After training as bookseller and publisher, she studied theatre, film and television sciences, art history, educational science and communication sciences. After a traineeship at the Evangelist press association, she became Head of the publicity agency epv.service. Since 2002 she has been an editor for the Evangelist news agency epd, travelling to countries such as Russia, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Romania, the USA or Caribbean.

Susanne Ponn-Rassmann

Born in 1959 in Munich, Susanne Ponn-Rassmann has acted in many German theatres since completing her acting education. In 1991 she changed direction in her career and started working for the Goethe Institut, at first in the areas of theatre and visual arts. In 1988 she moved into the fields of film, television and radio where she is responsible for the programme coordination, the observation of trends with a focus on documentaries, and the editorial supervision of accompanying booklets for film weeks. Since 2004 she has been also working in production management.



Anja Pohl

Born in 1967 in Munich, Anja Pohl studied recent and modern history and political sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. In 1992 she graduated in design from the Zurich School of Design. In 1993 she finished an editing traineeship and worked as the assistant of Tanja Schmidtbauer (Back to Square One by Reinhard Münster, Mario and the Magician by Klaus Maria Brandauer, Der Schattenmann (part 1) by Dieter Wedel). Since 1996 she has been a freelance editor of features, documentaries, video clips and adverts. She is also teaching at the Munich Academy for Television and Film (HFF) and the HTK Academy of Design in Hamburg.

Matthias Helwig

Born in 1960 in Schweinfurt, Matthias Helwig studied at the Munich Academy for Television and Film (HFF). He was an assistant director and cameraman for several promotional films and for Abwärts by Carl Schenkel. In 1986 he took over, organised and directed the arthouse cinema Kino Breitwand in Gilching, that has been awarded over 30 prizes for its outstanding yearly film programme, including the prize for Best Cinema in Germany in 1997. Since 1999 he has been running the Kino Breitwand cinemas in Herrsching and at the SeefeldCastle, and since 2002 there has also been a Kino Breitwand in Starnberg. All these cinemas have been awarded several prizes for their outstanding programmes. Since 2006 he has been organising and leading the Fünf-Seen-Filmfestival.

Golli Marboe

Born in 1965 in Vienna, Golli Marboe studied theatre and political sciences. Between 1984 and 1992 he worked as a freelancer in film and television productions for Teamfilm, Cinevista, 20th Century Fox, Disney Productions, Taurus, Unitel, MR-Film, ORF, Wegafilm, among others, with Michael Kehlmann, Willy Bogner, Damiano Damiani, Fritz Eckhardt, John Glen, Michael Haneke, Peter Weck, Xaver Schwarzenberger and Andrew McLaglen. Between 1992 and 1999 he worked with Niki Neuspiel, the Managing Director of the production company Sternstundenfilm Wien. He was responsible for film content development, acquisitions, PR and Marketing. He has worked for the broadcasters ORF, BMG, Arte, BR, Beta, ARD, ZDF, Sat1 among others. Since April 1999 he has been producer of documentary and fictional content at Tellux-Film Munich. Since 2006 he has also been Managing Director of Tellux Stuttgart.