Winner of DOK.fest München Award at the Networking Days

87-year old Jerzy Urban is on the mission to avoid history repeating itself: The former old master of communist propaganda is now one of the oldest YouTube influencers and inspires Polish liberal youth to question nationalist and conservative forces.

THE ULTIMATE JOKER by Krzysztof Dzieciolowski and Agata Jujeczka tells a very current and universal story about our relationship with the media and the meaning of truth, which makes laughter get stuck in our throats. DOK.fest München is pleased to invite the project to the Marketplace 2021 and to outline the political relevance of this fascinating ultimate antagonist.

Statements of the filmmakers

Krzysztof Dzięciołowski, director:
I am thrilled to have an opportunity to present our timely film project to the German market at DOK.fest München. A long forgotten Jerzy Urban, a complex and hugely controversial man shaped by the wheels of history is the mirror to our dilemmas around the world. The old communist master of propaganda reveals his know-how on spinning truth and breaking taboos. 
Agata Jujeczka, producer:
Fake news social media and the rise of propaganda have made our challenging times even more turbulent. I strongly believe “The Ultimate Joker” asks searching questions how we are, all being shaped by history and media.