FFF Talent Award Documentary Film and megaherz Student Award 2020


The best newcomer films at DOK.fest München @home: We present the winners of the FFF Talent Award Documentary Film and the megaherz Student Award 2020.

FFF Talent Award Documentary Film

Director: Minsu Park

Jury statement: "CHADDR – A RIVER BETWEEN US (CHADDR – UNTER UNS DER FLUSS) is the story of a family in the remote world of the Indian Himalayas. For 18 years a father has accompanied his three daughters to school along the extremely dangerous footpath next to the icy Chaddr River. Unobtrusively and almost incidentally, Minsu Park shows us big issues on a small scale, such as climate change and the technological advances that existentially threaten the family’s austere world. The camerawork, editing and music together create a calm, irresistible appeal that evokes wonder and deep empathy for the protagonists."

Jury: Anke Zindler (PR agent), Holger Recktenwald (distributor), Bernhard Simek (coodinator Documentary Film and Eastern Europe at German Films Service + Marketing GmbH)

Donated by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, worth 5,000 euros, for up-and-coming Bavarian directors (cross-row)

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megaherz Student Award

Director: Yulia Lokshina

Jury statement: "This documentary unfolds boldly and without regard for classical narrative arcs, with many facets and a variety of different perspectives. Astonishingly, we are immersed in a universe, which, through its original combination of different elements, tells about so much more than particular precarious working conditions, the social engagement against them and the encouragement to think about them in theatre class. The film does just what cinema can achieve at its best: it creates images in the mind instead of just on the screen. At the same time, the montage, the camera’s gaze and the score create an open, playful and surprising impression. Using all available narrative resources the curious process of discovery is closely followed. The film breathes – it lives and resonates long after. It is engaged and formally unique: RULES OF THE ASSEMBLY LINE, AT HIGH SPEED (REGELN AM BAND, BEI HOHER GESCHWINDIGKEIT) by Yulia Lokshina wins the 2020 Student Award – Congratulations!"

A jury of students awards the prize to a film in the Student Award section. Endowed with 3,000 euros, donated by the film production company megaherz.

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