We present:

The nominees for the German Documentary Film Music Award 2019

We are pleased to present you the 5 nominees for the German Documentary Film Music Award 2019. The award recognizes a composition, that combines in a special way with the documentary film narrative.


Konrad Hempel, music composition for DIE SINFONIE DER UNGEWISSHEIT

Regie: Claudia Lehmann


Elias Gottstein, music composition for BASTARD IN MIND

Regie: Sobo Swobodnik


Marcel Vaid, music composition for CHRISS THE SWISS

Regie: Anja Kofmel


Jana Irmert, music composition for STRESS

Regie: Florian Baron


Olivia Pedroli, music composition for IMMER UND EWIG

Regie: Fanny Bräuning


This year's jury for the documentary film music prize consists of Antonia Goldhammer (journalist), Alexander Kukelka (composer, conductor, pianist, author, director, music supervisor), Prof. Dr. Frizz Lauterbach (editor, Professor HMTM Munich), Damian Scholl (composer) and Nicole Vögele (filmmaker).

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