Munich State Museum of Ethnology - Panel


  • Panel Discussion at the Munich State Museum of Ethnology on the topic of AFRICA REFLECTED IN THE MEDIA in the scope of the section DOK.guest Africa, Africa.

Friday, 7th May from 19:00hrs until around 21:30hrs

After the screening of LIEUX SAINTS by Jean-Marie Teno (who will also be a member of our International Jury), five interdisciplinary academics will be discussing the ways in which it might be possible to achieve a differentiated representation of an entire continent.

The participants will be: Jean-Marie Teno, renowned documentary filmmaker from Cameroon; Eberhard Piltz, former ZDF Foreign Correspondent; the German documentary filmmaker Peter Heller; Congolese director Monique Mbeka Phoba, who will be screening her film BETWEEN THE CUP AND THE ELECTION in the DOK.guest section and the Senegalese director Mamadou Sellou Diallo, part of the "nouvelle vague" of African documentary films who will be presenting his film LE COLLIER ET LA PERLE at DOK.fest. The discussion will be chaired by Moritz Holfelder, Radio Bayern 2, KULTUR WELT.