DOK.retro Volker Koepp

On the occasion of the DOK.fest 25th anniversary.

The Munich International Documentary Film Festival, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, will be screening five major works from the renowned East German director, including the film LEBEN IN WITTSTOCK, with which Volker Koepp was represented at the first DOK.fest in 1985. 

“The art of Volker Koepp turns out to be letting the story of half a life convincingly become the story of a smile – a smile of discovery, that fades and eventually seems to disappear in that gentle, melancholy glance at the end.” Stefan Reinecke in FILMBULLETIN, April 1997.

Volker Koepp is one of the few constant greats of the German documentary film scene. In the DEFA era he had already created timeless masterpieces with his films about life and work in the GDR. After German reunification he also gained international acclaim and attracted large audiences for his films.

The following films will be shown:


  • Discussion with Volker Koepp, Christoph Boekel and Helmut Morsbach. Chair: Moritz Holfelder, BR. Filmmuseum: Mon 10th May, from around 22:00 (Following the screening of LEBEN IN WITTSTOCK)

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