Triptych - A Documentary Video Installation

An Exhibition by Magdalena Hutter

An exhibition by Magdalena Hutter in the context of the 25th Munich DOK.fest
at Gasteig from 5th – 12th May 2010

A desert landscape. We are moving forward, pacing our steps evenly, straight ahead, always in the same direction. Tracks on the ground lead nowhere; there is no end in sight, no borders, no fences. No lines that can be crossed. The border becomes the plain we are moving in - trapped.

Over the sounds of the desert we hear the voices of five African refugees – from Congo, Nigeria, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast – telling their stories: How they left home, in hope of finding a safe place somewhere far away; what happened to them on their journey.

We walk with them, listening, watching. Five lives – and every image of the desert tells the stories of thousands.