Iceland, Spain, United States 2016 – Director: Lucija Stojevic – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: English

She inherited the name La Chana from her uncle, a guitarist and flamenco star. In other disciplines Antonia Santiago Amador would have been called a child prodigy. Yet she stepped out of the limelight after a short, meteoric career. In LA CHANA the 67-year-old recounts her eventful life.



Camera: Samuel Navarrete. Sound: Irene Coll, Alejandro Castillo, Nicolas Liebing (Sound Mix). Editing: Domi Parra. Production: Noon Films, Bless Bless Productions. Producer: Lucija Stojevic, Susan Muska, Greta Olafsdottir. Length: 82 min. International Sales: CAT&Docs

#Literature, Dance and Theater