Belgium, Chile 2016 – Director: Andrés Lübbert – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: English

In the 1970s, the war reporter Jorge Lübbert fled Chile’s dictatorship to the GDR.  His son, who grew up in Belgium, wants to know more about his father’s dark past. A perplexing political thriller and a touching father-son story.

English/Original Title: THE COLOR OF THE CHAMELEON. Writer: Andrés Lübbert. Camera: David Bravo. Sound: Juan Pablo Manriquez, Cesar Fernandez Boraz. Editing: Guillermo Badilla Coto. Music: Alejandro Rivas Cottle. Production: Offworld. Producer: Frederik Nicolai. Length: 87 min.

#Latin America #History and Coming to Terms with the Past #BEST DOKS