Finland 2016 – Director: Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon – Original language: Arabic – Subtitles: English

A very personal film about the beginnings of the Arab revolution in Syria – filmed as a video diary by the radio presenter Obaidah Zytoon and her friends. Initial euphoria ultimately gives way to total hopelessness. A shocking document.

Writer: Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon. Camera: Obaidah Zytoon, Amr Kheito, Hisham Issa, Wasim Zahra, Dana Bakdounes. Editing: Adam Nielsen. Music: Colin Stetson. Production: Miriam Nørgaard, Alaa Hassan. Producer: Miriam Nørgaard, Alaa Hassan. Length: 104 min. International Sales: Danish Film Institute

#Politics and Current Affairs #Middle East #Youth and Subculture