France 2016 – Director: Jero Yun – Original language: Korean, Mandarin – Subtitles: English

When the North Korean woman, Madame B, sets out for South Korea she doesn’t imagine that her past will catch up with her. Suspected of being a spy and put under pressure by her first family she is reminded that the Korean War is not over yet.

English/Original Title: MRS. B. – A NORTH KOREAN WOMAN. Writer: Yero Jun. Camera: Yero Jun. Sound: Yero Jun. Editing: Nadia Ben Rachid, Pauline Casalis, Sophie Pouleau, Jean-Marie Lengellé. Music: Mathieu Regnault. Production: Zorba Production. Producer: Guillaume de la Boulaye. Length: 70 min. International Sales: Doc & Film International

#Women's Rights, Gender, LGBT #Asia