France 2016 – Director: Olivier Babinet – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

Tough and scathing yet at the same time full of pride, eleven youths tell of their lives in a Paris banlieue. A creative mosaic of encounters with the philosophical “swaggerers” – the heroes of the suburbs.

Writer: Olivier Babinet. Camera: Timo Salminen. Sound: Guillaume Le Braz, Christophe Penchenat. Editing: Isabelle Devinck. Music: Jean-Benoît Dunckel. Production: Frau. Producer: Marine Dorfmann, Alexandre Perrier. Length: 84 min. International Sales: Lucky You.

Olivier Babinet

Oliver Babinet was born in Strassbourg. In the 1990s he implemented(realized) a series for French Television. In 2010, he received multiple awards for his film ROBERT MITCHUM EST MORT. His most recent film SWAGGER premiered at Cannes in 2006 under the festival series L’Acid.