Mexico 2016 – Director: Juan Carlos Núñez Chavarría – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: English

Rarámuri, “those who run fast,” is the name given to the Tarahumara people of North Mexico, who are known worldwide for their long-distance running. The two portrayed here were once the fastest and most determined of the tribe. We are shown their international achievements as well as their battle for recognition in their own land.



English/Original Title: SWIFT FEET. Writer: Juan Carlos Núñez Chavarría. Camera: Ignacio Chavez, Henry Lesperance, Juan Carlos Núñez Chavarría. Photography: Roberto Morales. Sound: Gabriel Villegas, Alejandro Hernandez. Editing: Ignacio Chavez, Arturo Jara, Juan Carlos Núñez Chavarría. Music: Carlos Diaz. Production: Ojo de Venado Cinema. Producer: Juan Carlos Núñez Chavarría. Length: 67 min.

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