France, Spain 2015 – Director: Mauro Herce – Original language: Philippinian – Subtitles: English

A freighter on the ocean. It breathes heavily. The sailors who work here are the cogs in the machine. DEAD SLOW AHEAD takes us on a hypnotic journey through modern times.

Writer: Manuel Muñoz R., Mauro Herce. Camera: Mauro Herce. Sound: Carlos García, Alejandro Castillo. Editing: Manuel Muñoz R.. Music: José M. Berenguer. Production: El Viaje Films, Bocalupo Films, Nanouk Films. Producer: Jose Alayon, Jasmina Sijercic, Mauro Herce, Ventura Durall. Length: 74 min.

#Politics and Society #Cineastes