Germany, Kosovo 2015 – Director: Sami Mustafa – Original language: Albanian, English, German, Serbian – Subtitles: English

Two brothers are deported overnight to Kosovo, the land of their parents. They have just 50 Euros in their pockets and they don’t even speak the language. Sami Mustafa closely follows the pair for three years on a rollercoaster ride between two worlds.

English/Original Title: NAKHINO. Writer: Sami Mustafa. Camera: Sami Mustafa, Janis Matzuch. Sound: Filip Forbeg. Editing: Carina Mergens, Nicole Kartlüke. Music: Kefaet Prizreni, Selami Prizreni, Luigi Montanino. Production: Romawood. Producer: Sami Mustafa. Length: 90 min.

#Music #Law and Crime #Eastern Europe/Russia #Migration