Lithuania 2014 – Director: Giedre Zickyte – Original language: Lithuanian – Subtitles: English

Intense black and white images recreate the poignant life of the Lithuanian photographer, Vitus Luckus, which came to a dramatic end with his suicide. His lover, Tatyana, and his closest artist friends draw a fractured portrait.

English/Original Title: MEISTRAS IR TATJANA. Writer: Giedre Zickyte. Camera: Audrius Kemezys. Sound: Vytis Puronas. Editing: Danielius Kokanauskis, Giedre Zickyte, Dominykas Kilciauskas. Music: Jurga Seduikyte. Production: Just a Moment. Producer: Dagne Vildziunaite. Length: 84 min. International Sales: Just a moment

#Eastern Europe/Russia #Art and Photography