Netherlands 2016 – Director: Joost van der Valk, Mags Gavan – Original language: English, Portuguese – Subtitles: English

“He’s really fighting for his life... this is not a hobby!,” explains boxing coach, Luke Dowdney about his protégé, 15 year-old “Sugar.” The aim is to get out of Rio de Janeiro’s most brutal slum as quickly as possible. An inspiring and emotionally challenging film.

Writer: Joost van der Valk. Camera: Douglas Engle, Joost van der Valk. Sound: Mags Gavan, Rob Dul. Editing: Patrick Janssens. Music: Russel Taylor, Steve Cooke. Production: Red Rebel Films. Producer: Joost van der Valk, Mags Gavan. Length: 72 min. International Sales: Journeyman Pictures.

#Sport and Extremes #Latin America