Italy 2015 – Director: Francesco Clerici – Original language: Italian – Subtitles: English

With kind support from Istituto Italiano di Cultura München.

FRANCESCO CLERICI – Born in Milan, Italy in 1983. After studying art history, Clerici worked as a lecturer. Alongside running a film club he also led workshops for children. He works as an assistant, writer, director and project manager for the artist, Velasco Vitali. IL GESTO DELLE MANI is his first feature film.

English/Original Title: HAND GESTURES. German title: HANDGESTEN. Writer: Francesco Clerici. Camera: Francesco Clerici. Sound: Emanuele, Pullini, Michele Brambilla, Mattia Pontremoli, Fortuna Fontò, Francesco Mangini, Massimo Mariani. Editing: Francesco Clerici. Music: Claudio Gotti. Production: Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. Producer: Velasco Vitali. Length: 77 min.