Austria 2012 – Director: Birgit Bergmann, Stefanie Franz, Oliver Werani – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

“The reasons for living in a trailer are as complex and diverse as the people who live in trailers.” For the trailer dwellers it is as much about creating a different association with ones own living space, the environment and resources as it is about alternative social structures, creativity and, of course, mobility and freedom. We follow the “Treibstoff” trailer group as they fight for parking sites in and around Vienna. It is not always simple but it is worth the effort in any case. The people from Treibstoff greet us with their oil-stained optimism. Julia Alice Frey

Writer: Stefanie Franz. Camera: Stefanie Franz. Sound: Birgit Bergmann. Editing: Birgit Bergmann, Oliver Werani, Stefanie Franz. Production: xxx. Producer: Birgit Bergmann, Oliver Werani. Length: 73 min. International Sales: tullifilm.

Student Award 2013
  • Sunday
    HFF - Kino 1
    German with English subtitles