France, Japan 2012 – Director: Nicolas Philibert – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

“Making a film about the radio is counterproductive, I admit.” Nicolas Philibert, famous for his precise observational documentaries, visited Radio France’s broadcasting station and captured with his camera what we would otherwise only get to hear. We take a look inside cramped studios where contributors to panel discussions disappear behind the microphones. We witness how the philosopher, Umberto Eco, frowns as he is contemplating something and we discover the adventurous instruments of the sound artist, Pierre Bastien. Philibert depicts the “radio house” as a beehive with hundreds of cells resonating with voices, tones and sounds. A fascinating journey into the invisible world of acoustic illusions. Dunja Bialas

Writer: Nicolas Philibert. Camera: Katell Djian. Sound: Julien Cloquet. Editing: Nicolas Philibert. Production: Les Films d’Ici, Longride Inc., Arte France Cinéma. Producer: Serge Lalou. Length: 100 min. International Sales: Les Films du Losange