Switzerland 2013 – Director: Mano Khalil – Original language: German, Kurdish, Swiss German – Subtitles: English, German

“Wherever I went I took a bee colony with me as camouflage.”
The Kurdish beekeeper, Ibrahim, was forced to flee his home after his politically active daughter was tortured to death by the Turkish military. For seven years he hid in the mountains until he managed to escape to Switzerland. There he lovingly tends to his bees and his newfound friendships. When he is signed up by the authorities to do factory work in a programme for the reintegration of the disabled, things become absurd. Cunningly and patiently Ibrahim finds a way out…
A heart-warming film about the devastating power of political as well as bureaucratic systems and Ibrahim’s unbelievable ability to confront his pain with wisdom and forgiveness. Morgane Remter

English/Original Title: Irbo. Writer: Mano Khalil. Camera: Mano Khalil, Steff Bossert. Sound: Weli Cici. Editing: Thomas Bachmann. Music: mario Batkovic. Production: Frame Film. Producer: Mano Khalil. Length: 107 min. International Sales: Frame Film.

DOK.deutsch 2013
  • Thursday
    Rio 2
    Kurdish and German with english subtitles
  • Saturday
    Atelier 2
    Kurdish and German with english subtitles
  • Wednesday
    Atelier 1