Germany 2013 – Director: Franziska von Malsen – Original language: English, German – Subtitles: English, German

A father, a mother and a child. The ideal of a traditional nuclear family is already long out of date. Markus and Dario are Londoners by choice and they have been a couple for 13 years. They have successful careers and now they wish to have a child – and in England adoption by homosexual couples is allowed, yet it is still far from easy. The film follows the two fathers-to-be through official procedures, conflicts and doubts as they gradually get closer to their son. And when he arrives at his new home 5-year-old Jacob brings his own story along with him. With sensitivity and fondness Franziska von Malsen shows the beginning of a little family that departs from conventions. Samay Claro

English/Original Title: Happy Serious Sad. Writer: Franziska von Malsen. Camera: Franziska von Malsen. Sound: Franziska von Malsen. Editing: Franziska von Malsen. Music: Angela Aux. Production: siehe Regie. Producer: siehe Regie. Length: 62 min. International Sales: siehe Regie Distribution: siehe Regie

Munich Premieres 2013
  • Monday
    Atelier 1
    English and German with English and German subtitles
  • Wednesday
    Rio 2
    German and English with English and German subtitles