Germany 2013 – Director: Isa Willinger – Original language: English, Russian – Subtitles: English

Objectivity and functional aesthetics, buildings filled with radicalness and hope – those were the ideas behind the socialist housing constructed in the early 20s in Russia. The few remaining structures today appear dynamic, functional, collectivist and adventurous. “The brief era of hope was deliberately wiped from our memories.” What does life look like these days behind the dilapidated and forgotten brick walls that were once so avant-garde? Embodying the constructivism and futurism of long-forgotten, undesirable times, now a struggle has broken out by residents, artists and architects in favour of preservation and appreciation and against dilapidation and forgetting. Adele Kohout

English/Original Title: Away From All Suns!. Writer: Isa Willinger. Camera: Kaspar Kaven, Anna Dashina. Editing: Frank Müller. Music: Benedikt Schiefer. Production: Kloos & Co. Medien GmbH. Producer: Stefan Kloos. Length: 75 min. International Sales: Rise and Shine World Sales.

Munich Premieres 2013
  • Tuesday
    Atelier 1
    English and Russian with english subtitles