Germany, Switzerland 2012 – Director: Anne Thoma – Original language: Arabic, English – Subtitles: German

“It’s not about big leaps, my dear. It’s about little steps.” Wars are spectacular and produce impressive news images. Yet how can peace be achieved? When there is a surge of violence - whether it be in Libya or the Philippines or another trouble spot - there is a need for professionals who understand how to contain it and who can negotiate even-handedly with clan chiefs, rebels, warlords and dictators and establish a dialogue. They are known as private mediators or peace brokers.
MILES & WAR takes us to the most clandestine of negotiating tables, showing us the laborious process of conflict resolution and the private sacrifices made by the mediators. The result is a tenacious and impressive manifesto for the belief in and the power of dialogue. Silvia Bauer

Writer: Anne Thoma. Camera: Johann Feindt (BVK), Anne Thoma, Jakub Bejnarowicz, Pio Corradi, Jule Cramer, Jack McNamara, Börres Weiffenbach. Sound: Gilles Abravanel, Oswald Schwander. Editing: Stephan Krumbiegel, Florian Miosge. Music: Mathias Vetter, Jan Tilman Schade. Production: zero one film. Producer: Thomas Kufus. Length: 78 min. International Sales: NN. Distribution: NN

DOK.panorama 2013
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