Denmark, India, Norway 2012 – Director: Nishtha Jain – Original language: Hindi – Subtitles: English

"Women, the poor - I see all the oppressed people as Dalit" is how Sampat Pal views things. In 2006 she founded the Gulabi Gang to unite women and to change people’s attitudes within the patriarchal Indian society. Gulabi means pink. The women wear pink saris, carry long bamboo staffs and radically challenge the beliefs of the obedient Indian women who accept everything silently. 150,000 women have already joined the Gulabi Gang. Nishtha Jain’s impressive film shows the strength and dignity with which these defiant Indian women successfully fight against masculine violence and oppression. Andrea Naica-Loebell

Writer: Nishtha Jain, Torstein Grude. Camera: Rakesh Haridas, Torstein Grude. Sound: Peter Schultz, Niraj Gera, Mateen Ahmed. Editing: Arjun Gourisaria, Nishtha Jain, Erik Andersson. Music: Peter Scartabello. Production: Piray Film AS. Producer: Torstein Grude. Length: 96 min. International Sales: Kudos Family as.