Georgia, Germany 2012 – Director: Tinatin Gurchiani – Original language: Georgian – Subtitles: English


“If you had a machine that could make everything disappear, what would you make disappear?” This is one of the questions the director asks the young Georgians who responded to her casting call. Life stories unfold in front of her camera: a young man makes his living from online poker; a girl is on her way to getting married; a soldier tries to uphold the memories of his brother in prison. A 25-year-old mayor presides over a village in which the average age is 70. “Myself certainly” answers a young writer who is always so incredibly tired. The film accompanies all of them and others through a little of their everyday life and their dreams. Samay Claro 


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English/Original Title: Manqana, romelic kvelafers gaaqrobs. Sound: Michał Krajczok. Editing: Nari Kim. Music: Mahan Mobashery, Marian Mentrup. Production: TTFilm. Producer: Tamar Gurchiani. Length: 97 min. International Sales: Deckert Distribution. Distribution: Deckert Distribution