Bangladesh 2012 – Director: Kamar Ahmad Simon – Original language: bengali – Subtitles: english


Bangladesh is sinking. With its rivers flowing into a wide delta in the Indian Ocean, the country lies only just above sea level. Here today the impact of worldwide climate change is already visible. Rakhi and her husband, Sumo, along with a hundred other families, were able to take refuge on an old dyke when a cyclone destroyed their village. For two years they have been surviving on the narrow strip of land, dependent on the government’s aid. They will never be able to return to their village. The next cyclone will come.
ARE YOU LISTENING! is an unusual filmic appeal. The disconcerting becomes tangible when the point of no return has been passed. Dunja Bialas

Writer: Kamar Ahmad Simon. Camera: Kamar Ahmad Simon. Sound: Sukanta Majumdar. Editing: Sekhareswar Ray. Production: Beginning Production Ltd. Producer: Sara Afreen. Length: 90 min.