Canada 2012 – Director: Sylvain L'Espérance – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

“The suffering starts the second you leave black Africa.” As migrants, Erik, Ibri and Amih wanted to reach Europe. But when they arrived in Maghreb they were intercepted, stuck in prison and then shipped off to the desert. Now they are stranded without any money or documents in Mali’s capital, Bamako. For the first time in months they have found a regime that will tolerate them. They live in an abandoned house that they call “ghetto.” They recount their arduous journey across Africa and the maltreatment and violence they suffered. They use theatre performances and rap to process their experiences, arriving at a completely different and unexpected destination: their inner selves and the heart of their wishes and dreams. Dunja Bialas

English/Original Title: Standing on the Edge of the World. Writer: Sylvain L'Esperance. Camera: Sylvain L'Esperance. Sound: Sylvain L'Esperance, Mélanie Gauthier. Editing: Mathieu Bouchard Malo. Production: Les films du tricycle. Producer: Sylvain L'Esperance. Length: 105 min. International Sales: FunFilm.