Germany 2011 – Director: Martin Otter – Original language: Vietnamese – Subtitles: English

"I saw ants militantly climbing upwards and looking to the skies where the lights of white parachutes could be seen floating towards the ground." Thanh Nguyen describes so poetically the most horrible moment of his life. On the evening of 17th April 1967 the then eight-year-old was seriously wounded and blinded in a US air raid. When he got married a life in the most extreme poverty began. Thanh went out begging and was on the move for two years. When he returned he wrote about his time on the street. Today he is an acclaimed writer. With his writing he managed to overcome the darkness.
A fascinating journey into a world without shadows, strikingly depicted in atmospheric black and white images. Dunja Bialas

Writer: Martin Otter. Camera: Martin Otter. Sound: Martin Otter, Sounddesign: Jörg Elsner, Marc Parisotto, Mischung: Michael Hinreiner. Editing: Ulrike Tortora. Music: Christoph Nicolaus, Yoko Rika Le Thao. Production: Manic Cinema GbR. Producer: Nicolas Humbert, Martin Otter. Length: 89 min.