Germany 2011 – Director: Wolfgang Ettlich – Original language: German

From prison to four-star hotel! This is the intention behind the Hotel BISS 2007 project. The development of the old Neudeck prison in Munich into a luxury hotel is meant to offer young people from difficult backgrounds a quality apprenticeship opportunity. The political will seems to exist and many celebrities strongly support the project. Yet in 2011 the building is unexpectedly hit hard by one of its big investors. In unembellished images the film documents the project from its beginnings right through to the bitter end. A plea for social participation and against bureaucratic routines – despite any opposition. Anne Thomé

English/Original Title: Hotel BISS – Vision of a Civil Movement. Writer: Wolfgang Ettlich. Camera: Hans Albrecht Lusznat. Sound: Zoltan Ravasz. Editing: Monika Abspacher. Music: Dieter Schleip. Production: Moviepool GmbH / MGS-Filmproduktion. Producer: Wolfgang Ettlich. Length: 75 min. Distribution: MGS-Filmproduktion.