DE 2011 – Director: Christoph Rüter – Original language: German

27 Video Tapes – a chronicle of the life and work of the writer and director Thomas Brasch, an all-round creative talent and political activist to boot. A wanderer between two worlds, Brasch was initially imprisoned in the East for political reasons while his father worked in the GDR Cultural Ministry then in the 1970s he left for West Germany. He was also the long-term partner of Katharina Thalbach. This unusual life history has been documented by one of Brach’s friends, who often accompanies the filmic material with quotes from the writer’s poetry._A kaleidoscopic, complex and unconventional portrait of a multifaceted artist and individual.

Writer: Christoph Rüter. Camera: Patrick Popow, Thomas Brasch, Christoph Rüter. Sound: Ferry Siering, Steffen Schencker. Editing: Heidrun Schweitzer. Production: TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG. Producer: Gerd Haag. Length: 92 min. International Sales: n.n. Distribution: n.n.