Senegal 2008 – Director: Mamadou Sellou Diallo – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

“I behold the distended body of my pregnant wife, fighting for life. I explore the sterile rooms of the hospital, the downside of the female universe.” In this filmic letter from a father to his daughter, Mamadou Sellou Diallo explores the enigma of womanhood. The fear grows bigger as the birth nears. Afterwards there is a scarred body, the wound of the caesarian after a difficult birth. The suffering of women is timeless. The grandmother’s necklace should protect her granddaughter from dark magic. But will that be enough protection for this little girl in a society where abuse and exploitation of women are the order of the day?  A touching declaration of love to a wife and daughter. A magnificent poetic essay film from Senegal.

Camera: Mamadou Sellou Diallo. Sound: Mamadou Sellou Diallo. Editing: Mamadou Sellou Diallo & Joëlle Janssen. Production: Ardèche Images Production (Frankreich). Producer: x. Length: 52 min.