Cameroon, France 2009 – Director: Jean-Marie Teno – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

In this film the cycle of art and commerce represents the functioning of a community. Jean-Marie Teno focuses his gaze on three men who live and work in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkino Faso. Jules Cesar makes musical instruments in a traditional style; Bouba owns a small, video-based cinema and Abbo is a public letter writer. How interested are Bouba’s audiences in films from Africa or do they prefer to watch Hollywood or Bollywood productions? Who is writing to who, and why, and aren’t there other ways of writing things these days? In the maelstrom of globalisation, this is an astute filmic reflection on the construction of identity through art and culture in Africa.

English/Original Title: Sacred Places. Camera: Crystel Fournier, Jean-Marie Teno. Editing: hristiane Badgley, Jean-Marie Teno, Jane Gillooly. Music: Smockey. Production: Les Films du Raphia. Producer: Jean-Marie Teno. Length: 70 min.